Grupo Multisistemas de Seguridad Industrial (GMSI) is the leading company in the private security sector in Mexico with operations through its 34 subsidiaries and with more than 13,000 employees. Mexico Mining Review interviewed Country Manager Mario Salomón to discuss the services the company provides to mining companies and how theft can be prevented.


Q: How can mining companies successfully prevent small-scale internal robbery and finished-product theft and what are the key factors to consider?

A: GMSI provides a return on investment to its customers because the implementation of its security strategies can reduce the number of thefts and casualties within a company. This translates into fewer stolen products and fewer economic loses for the company. When addressing private security matters, the company should emphasize above all the prevention of casualties. This means around 80 percent of the security operations of a company should be focused on preventive measures and strategies to prevent future casualties. GMSI focuses on reinforcement of preventive actions for the security of the company so employees are not tempted to steal from it. Then, GMSI reinforces its security strategy with two other measures: deterrence and reaction. The deterrence strategy inhibits criminal behavior and discourages criminality. Reaction is a counter-measure to eliminate or minimize the impact of certain criminal activity. However, prevention remains the main strategy that together with technology helps GMSI guarantee a greater maintenance of private security. GMSI relies on several security systems with strong software and state-of-the-art equipment to manage all stages of security and control of a company.

Mario Salomon,Country Manager of Multisistemas de Seguridad Industrial

GMSI is the only private security company in Mexico with its own C5 that allows it to execute an intelligent and coordinated program that operates collaboratively with GMSI’s security network, which is connected to our 34 security and monitoring subsidiaries, as well as with public and state security forces. Our new C5 system is the latest technology that combines security and intelligent computer systems. This system has facial recognition software to detect the presence of those who may previously have stolen from the company and issues an alert. People not only have fingerprints and defining facial features but also their gait and gestures can be analyzed by the intelligent C5 system. Thus, even if a person tries to change his or her physical appearance, the system can recognize that person. This filter allows GMSI and the company to identify threats with greater certainty, and in real time, and to then take preventive and reinforcement measures to ensure that there are no casualties.

Q: How did GMSI achieve the current relationship it has with public security agencies?

A: The relationship with the public security forces has been built at the municipal, state and federal levels. One of the reasons for our close relationship with public security forces is due to our philosophy of strict discipline that is similar to that of the army and other public security agencies. Our collaboration processes with the authorities are very clear and GMSI knows what to do in case of an emergency and how to coordinate with the public security forces such as the army, federal police and gendarmery.

Q: How do you ensure you attract the best security talent to the industry?

A: Our candidates undergo 22 different filters. At the end of the process, GMSI only contracts one out of 10 candidates, although in the mining sector this widens to out of 15 people. The selection of private security personnel is based on the physical and mental characteristics required to work in the security field for the mining industry, so GMSI ensure all our people are rigorously vetted regarding their ability to act in high-pressure situations. This involves gauging when it is appropriate to use force. Our people are constantly trained and also tested to ensure that they keep and develop their technical, physical and moral standards.


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