Victor González, General Manager of PowerTech

Power Tech is a Mexican company that provides materials management and transportation systems to the mining industry. It offers high-quality solutions augmented by its extensive experience in the sector and its highly trained staff. In the Interview of the Week, Mexico Mining Review sat down with Victor González, General Manager of Power Tech, to talk about the industry races to catch up with technological leaps.

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Q: What makes Power Tech’s range of products for materials management the best option for Mexican miners?

A: Mexican materials management systems manufacturers are often unfamiliar with basic design features that are crucial, such as chute distance and belt width. For example, when an operator orders a conveyor and asks for the technical specifications, the provider may answer based on the design of similar machines. We have many years of experience developing materials management systems so we know the important details that guarantee the highest quality. Our knowledge comes from a period in which we did not have all the software and technological facilities that we have today to make these calculations; we learned to pay attention to details by designing by hand.

In 2012, we became first Mexican member of the Conveyor Equipment Manufacturers Association (CEMA), which provides us with specialized expertise and support for all our projects. This membership has enabled us to become acquainted with experts worldwide that now support Power Tech in areas in which they have more experience. We strive to offer integrated, detail-oriented and cost-effective solutions. For example, we have a program called Walk-the-Conveyor that examines and compiles a report on the conveyor’s functioning. ASGO has been a strategic partner that has allowed us to bring in-house the required expertise to professionalize this service and provide our clients with a comprehensive analysis of the state of their machinery, the possible failures and how to improve efficiency.

We are also working hard to offer an ever-improved customer service. An example is the vulcanization process for conveyor belts. Previously, we were reluctant to offer this service because it can be replaced by other mechanical systems. But we recognized that it was key for us to integrate our solutions with these kinds of services. All the technologies we implement in the systems we sell speak to our commitment to offer more to our clients. We want our customers to find an ally in us. We want to work together with the mining industry and guide it in the implementation of new technologies. Our company follows collaborative values as we believe that this is the way to achieve industry growth. We see ourselves as a tool for the improvement of the companies we work with. To overcome the industry’s resistance to new technologies, we invest a great deal to test our technologies along with our clients so they can witness the benefits beforehand.

Q: How do you ensure Power Tech can be a cost-effective and safe option for your clients?

A: Everything can be reduced to a cost-benefit relationship. High-quality products mean nothing if they come at an inaccessible price. The Mexican market does not buy such products and Mexicans do not tend to take care of machinery installations, usually failing to read manuals or follow the correct maintenance processes. For example, when Mexicans buy an electric device, such as a smartphone, they often do not read the manual but jump directly into learn by using. This happens in the mining industry and impacts the longevity of the machines since they are often not maintained properly.

To address this issue, Power Tech’s added value lies in providing high-quality products that are easy to use and offered at an affordable price. The proof of this is that we won the tender to provide some of our equipment and collaborate in the design of NAIM’s Ferro Loop reception systems. Remaining a cost-effective option for our clients is also related to the supply chain for our products. Most are manufactured in the US and some in China. We provide spare parts for maintenance and manufacture our own conveyors. This broad portfolio allows us to offer a wide range of solutions to the industry and to have successful collaborations with small and large operators.

Regarding safety, as a conveyor can carry up to 5 tons, it is fundamental to have security regulations for its operation to avoid accidents. But it is unfortunate that some operators are unwilling to invest in accident prevention. We focus on having the right team to design equipment that complies with international security standards. The Mexican industry often struggles to follow these standards as some companies are willing to overlook them to save some money and they are not legally binding. Security is a key industrial area of opportunity. Striving to prevent accidents is also cost-effective.


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